The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for the Study of
Surgical Technique for Spine and Spinal Nerves

President Izumi Koyanagi, M.D.
Hokkaido Neurosurgical Kinen Hospital、Sapporo
Vice President Akiyoshi Yamazaki,M.D.
Niigata Central Hospital、Niigata
Date September 16-17 2016
Venue Grandsanpia HachinoheSapporo Prince HOTEL

Nishi 11-chome, Minami 2-jo, Chuo-ku
Sapporo, 060-8615 Japan

TEL :+8111-241-0-1111
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The summit of spinal surgery
Main themes

1. The summit of microsurgery in spine and spinal cord
2. The summit of minimally invasive surgery in spine and spinal cord
3. The summit of spinal deformity surgeries
4. Innovation of spine and spinal cord trauma surgeries
5. Innovation of surgeries of spinal degenerative diseases
6. Innovation of peripheral nerve surgeries for spinal disorders
7. Innovation of surgical techniques and assisted systems in spinal surgeries
8. Overcome complications and sequela of spinal surgeries

Video presentation of surgical technique in spinal surgery
Scientific papers
Invited foreign speaker's lecture

Abstract dead line 31 May 2016
presentation Japanese and English PC slides in English

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Registration fee: ¥25,000

Submission of
2016 ~12:00pm on May 31st 2016
Abstracts are collected in UMIN
(University hospital Medical Information Network).
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